4 Non-Facebook Social Media Networks That Got It right

4 Non-Facebook Social Media Networks That Got It right -
4 Non-Facebook Social Media Networks That Got It right

The contextually omnipresent ubiquitous “F” in blue logo is everywhere. Every blog you read (including this one, please feel free to share it on that social network), nearly every site you visit, other social media sites, in commercials with warm-and-fuzzy endings, and virtually, everywhere else (major, howbeit, corny pun intended), including the 2016 Presidential Election.  We’ll get back to that a little later.

Well, to be fair, let’s start with the good stuff. Facebook is the most successful and enduring social media network in history so far and for good reason. They were very innovative, they came in and dominated the social media market during the right time, they have amazing brand saturation, right? It became the social media network that wove itself into the fabric of  pop culture and it caused us to rethink how we interact with each other. Facebook literally changed the way we LIVE!! Don’t believe me? Well did you know that the 2009 Word of the year was “Unfriend” and it’s a verb that means  “To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.”

I remember a time when asking for a woman’s number and having her give you her REAL number was actually a legitimate accomplishment! After Facebook, you can just say “Facebook me” and you can connect with someone who you would usually never have any direct access to! You can also use it to do some recon and find things out. For example,  what they are doing, where they hang out, who their friends are, what their hobbies are, sometimes email and other personal information, movies they like, music they like, pictures they take, etc… So much easier to plan your attack!

And how many “Playas from the Himalayas” got caught up on “the book”? Trying to slide into someone’s DM’s, if you already have a significant other, can get you all twisted up in the game .

I’m a HUGE fan of  the TV show Divorce Court. In watching, rather regularly might I add, I noticed that one of the major reasons some of those couples have issues is because of extramarital interaction with outside people on social media networks. 
We have also seen people post some things that are better left off the internet (Queue 2014’s Facebook horror movie Unfriended) 

Facebook even killed it on the international scene! Almost every country on every continent has experienced Facebook on some level. In 2011, Facebook played a pivotal part in the Egyptian Revolution. An Egyptian man, by the name of Jamal Ibrahim, named his newborn daughter “Facebook” to commemorate the central role of Facebook that led to the demonstrations which caused President Hosni Mubarak to resign. 

And let’s not forget about how many small businesses EXPLODED in the hey day of Facebook ads! For once, the little guy was able to market their product or service to global crowds without having to pay insane amounts of money to Google for PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns and compete with massive companies. Those ads in our timeline, as annoying as some of them were, were exceedingly effective! Facebook, in my opinion, was a key factor in small businesses finding online success in niche markets. I think we can all agree they’ve had some pretty high moments throughout the years. 

BUT!!! As His Royal Purpleness himself said, “…life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant to last…” (Well actually Jesse Johnson sang it but Prince wrote it)
Something happened along the way and Facebook got into a bit of trouble for giving hook ups to Russian trolls and putting out fake news to the benefit of Donald Trump and  all kinds of other important stuff, like Cambridge Analytica, that landed Mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress. Not good. Then there was a little controversy about the whole React.js licensing thing and the whole “are they really evil?” somethin’-or-other.( Long story, I’ve probably already said too much.)
As a result, it gave some JV players a chance to get into the Varsity game. One company was willing to pay 100k to a deserving team that could build a Social Media Network that would do to Facebook what Facebook did to Myspace. 

Neon sign with social media quote box

Building a New Social Media Network

Now building a successful social media website is no easy task. It’s like “simply walking into Mordor”. And as Boromir (Sean Bean) has emphatically told us, “One doesn’t simply walk into Mordor.” Many Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgees have tried and failed.

Facebook has kinda cornered the market with the behemoth styled social media network. So to be successful with one today, you will need a “hook” or an appeal to a niche market. Sites like Imgur.com, Tumblr.com, and Reddit.com have done well with niche users (myself included) but you really have to do your homework. People would need a “why” in order to try something new. By nature, most humans are creatures of routine. Think about it. Many of us are little more than slaves to it’s Matrix-like robotic hum drum syncopation. Let me ask you something. Do you go to McDonalds because the food is good? Why do you go to the most successful fast food chain in the world if the food is not the best?

I’m sure you would want some celebrities and other luminaries aboard your new social media network ship. You also need something cool looking and sounding that is super easy to use and has a myriad of integrations that are very convenient. And it might be a good idea to not piss Rhianna off. Ask SnapChat what happens when you do that. With that said, here are a few great quality social media networks that I feel are headed in the right direction.

Holonis logo
Holonis logo



  • E commerce ready with easy set up. Sell right from your profile
  • Over 100 Celebrity profiles
  • Great for new influencers 
  • Great for content creators
  • Active and involved membership
  • Cool aesthetics 
  • A Marketplace
  • Easy Setup

Holonis is a network that is targeted at entrepreneurs and content creators of all types. If you are looking to make money online or leverage ventures you already have established, then Holonis may be a great fit for you. If you have something to sell online, you have a store in your profile that is easy to populate with your products! You also have a lovely blog space if you’re a blogger or content writer. It literally provides everything you need to have an online store and blog without being a developer. They feel that this is the future of eCommerce and they may be on to something. 

Granted, if you are the normal status-picture-meme-and-occasional-video poster, you can still have a lot of fun, meet some new, cool, and interesting people. You’ll also find some pretty creative and interesting content. It’s a pretty cool environment. Especially if you’re looking for a different type of  social media experience. You can socialize, purchase dope stuff, and learn some new things all in one shot in a non-Facebook kind of way. Holonis influencers and regulars say it is the best platform to really grow your brand without tons of Instagram famous models and other social media “sensations” cluttering your feed and trying to get you to follow or buy something.

I have found it to have great quality, it’s very easy to use, and has a very involved community. They also have a very friendly staff that stays involved with you. I love their entrepreneurial tools also. I believe that Holonis has the potential to be great platform. I’m not sure it will be the destroyer of Facebook but it can certainly make a huge impact for those looking to expand their brand and sell online.

SpokeHub Logo
SpokeHub logo



  • Interactive
  • Augmented Reality Technology is the BUSINESS
  • Revenue Share Program 
  • Topic and Conversation Based
  • Relatively Easy To Use
  • Entirely on Phones and Tablets
  • Innovative
  • Minority Owned

Ok, so I have to admit that SpokeHub had to grow on me a little bit, BUT this is a Social Media Network that has some awesome potential! So First, SpokeHub is a minority owned startup that is based in Durham, North Carolina! I’m super proud of these guys just for that! They have been thriving in a very competitive space. It shows us that it is possible to excel in a space where you give people the opportunity to talk about things without having to worry about being blocked like Facebook does when you’re a minority and you call things out. (That’s another topic). As of now, it’s strictly just for mobile devices so if you’re a desktop or laptop user, that’s not gonna fly with SpokeHub.

SpokeHub is all about conversation, dialog, discourse, debate and other interactive banter that centers around events and topics and less about the accumulation of network friends.  As a “Hubster” You have the ability to be an admin over your own hubs  so you can easily get rid of trolls and haters. It truly embraces conversation and opinions. You are encouraged to have real time conversations about everything that is relevant to you. For instance, I wasn’t able to be on SpokeHub on the night of the Game of Thrones finale but I’m sure there was PLENTY of conversation going on about the ending.

Pretty much any hot button or selectively niche issue is great for Spokehub. I’m sure some of us nerds and blerds may want to discuss tech, coding, anime, comics, debate about Marvel and D.C. and other nerd related stuff. Others may like sports, current events, politics, style and fashion, cars, celebrities. I’m certain there are some “Woke” hubs and some hip hop hubs (as there should be). I’d be interested in a cigar or bourbon hub among other things. Whatever interest you have, you can either join or start a hub around it. It’s basically, a 2019 chatroom app on Superman level steroids. This can be a very powerful tool and even better for businesses who want to get real time feedback on their product or service. 

They also have features using “Augmented Reality” that are so intensely cool! It has serious potential to be a game changer in the social media space. Let’s just hope that the Big F in Blue and Instagram don’t steal the idea and implement it in the same way before SpokeHub really has an opportunity to grow. If you like conversation and opinions or just being in the know, SpokeHub is definitely a good one to get involved in. 

convoz logo
Convoz Logo



  • Video Centric
  • Get Video Responses From Celebs 
  • Cool Factor
  • Minority Owned
  • Eliminates Power of Trolls
  • Easy Sign Up

Convoz is really cool. Chamillionaire, really did his thing. It’s video based social network. Really easy to use. Not Snapchat-ish but in a more mature and interactive way. And of course Chamillionaire has all his celebrity homies on the site. When you get messages from some of these celebs speaking directly to you, it’s pretty dope. I’m just sayin!

 When Chamillionaire did his presentation about it at the Upfront Summit in LA, he brought up an experience on Twitter that gave him the idea. One of his biggest hooks on the site was the fact that he found a way to limit trolls and their under-the-bridge ignorance on his site. I must say, It’s pretty easy to remove trolls and get rid of them. You can mute them, get rid of their posts on your thread and other stuff. 

I wonder if Convos could be a prototype for how social media will be in the future. The popularity of video based platforms and priority of videos in some social media algorithms makes you question if the “Driving Dirty” artist is miles ahead of all the competition.

I guess I can say that the coolest part of this is that it people who love SnapChat and Youtube and enjoy Vines, will really love this one. I’m not saying it will draw the sword that beheads Facebook but it can certainly draw a big enough niche market to give them a few stitches. I love the potential it has.

blaggenuf image
Blaggenuf image



  • Freedom of speech for African Americans
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Positive and Uplifting Content
  • Educational and Inspiring
  • Minority Owned
  • Great Member engagement
  • Great discussions

Blaggenuf is a social media platform that was started by reknown intellectual and financial scholar extraordinaire Dr Boyce Watkins as a platform for African Americans to be able to freely express themselves without being censored by networks like Facebook or attacked online. Let’s be clear though, we can well defend against any social media attack but sometimes, you just want to enjoy yourself, have some fun and express your ideas without having to fight all the time.

Dr Watkins is using Mighty Networks as the framework for Blaggenuf which is really wise and brilliant in my opinion. They have a very aesthetically pleasing and engaging platform packed with features. Even though the signup process is a little “tricky”, it’s not difficult to the point you would give up and say “Eff It!” 

The reason this network is on the brink of something big is because it has a large amount of activity and steady growth. Trust me, I get all the email notifications. I also am pretty active on there myself. It’s a really great platform for people who enjoy interacting with and sharing the African American experience in a positive, fun, and creative way. You can post freely from a minority perspective and not have to fight off trolls, haters and, entitled people who will never understand your perspective.

One thing you will see is the diversity in our thoughts and outlooks. It’s really enlightening. Dr. Watkins tends to draw a more intellectual ilk so you won’t see as much “foolishness” as you may see on some other networks, but make no mistake, there is a lot of fun and the internet is still undefeated! You may have to fend off the occasional overly “Woke” individual here and there but otherwise, it’s an amazing experience overall.

I doubt that Blaggenuff will be a Facebook killer but I can assure you that if it continues in the way it does, Facebook will have to ask themselves why have a significant number of African Americans had abandoned their profiles.

Lady on a laptop and phone

With so many social media networks and so many ways to stay connected, social media has irrevocably changed the way we live and interact with each other, opened up new revenue streams, and brought about new areas of study for us. Social media is destined to be a part of us for the better part of the foreseeable future but how we enjoy it and where we choose to interact with each other can change. Ask Myspace how that works.

As our society  and technology change, there will undoubtedly be more and more ways to connect. Social media networks will continually unite and divide us, but how we choose to interact, seek opportunity, and express our ideas will always be something that will always evolve. If you choose to try any of these new social media networks, feel free to add me . I’m always “The Hip Hop Dev”. Let’s have some fun! Additionally, If you discover any new networks you feel are headed in the right direction, feel free to reach out and let me know. I’m happy to jump in and ride the wave with you!

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