"Now Here's A Funky Introduction Of How Nice I Am..."

I could start off by saying I'm a developer, a husband, a father, urban tech advocate, entrepreneur, blogger, voracious coffee consumer, and cigar aficionado, bourbon enthusiast and guy who has opinions and points of view on all kinds of stuff. But at the end of the day, I'm a human who is perilously immersed in the art of being  I use tech to build really cool things that connect people and I’m pretty good at it. But in my down time, I love to discover, seek, connect, and engage in life. 

I delight in thinking and pushing myself beyond all limits or boundaries. I don’t claim to know all or even a lot, but I will benevolently share what I’ve learned along my path of learning if you’ll do the same. Take this journey with me. 

Becoming a developer was not on my Jedi path (or so I thought, we’ll talk about this Jedi path in some other posts). I stumbled upon it accidentally.

I didn’t have any formal training in coding or any other tech outside of using Microsoft Office. Everything I learned about technology, I learned through some free and paid resources such as Udemy, SoloLearn, Freecodecamp.org, and many others as well as a ton of trial and error and breaking stuff. I also took the initiative to learn some things from some GREAT experienced devs who were able to give awesome guidance and resources and I'm still a work in progress. 

If you are new to this Jedi path, stay tuned to this blog. I will offer you some ideas that may help you on your exciting journey. I’ll also discuss entrepreneurship and every reason why the tech field is in need of more and more diversity.

I can show you how you can learn to become developer on your own, find and engage your creativity, think outside the box, and secure a nice bag.

We'll also talk about hip hop, and a lot of other fun and cool stuff that will help you along the way Let’s shine together!