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How Becoming a Developer is Like Becoming a Jedi

How Becoming a Developer is Like Becoming a Jedi

I mentioned on the “About That Life” page that being a developer is like becoming a Jedi. Now, if you don’t know or understand what a Jedi is at this point in life, you may want to stop reading here. This won’t make much sense to you. However, if you are on your Jedi path, keep reading.

Terry Carter (The Hip Hop Dev)

I use tech to build really cool things that connect people and I'm pretty good at it. I love learning and connecting with people of all types. Among other things, I'm also an avid hip hop lover. The nature of innovation in tech and hip hop is a mutually shared one that I plan to talk about in this blog. I don't claim to know all or even a lot, but I will benevolently share all that I've learned along this path of learning if you'll do the same. Take this journey with me. Let's Connect!

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